Cyclic Wave™ Technology

Back in the late 1970's, the New Zealand Agricultural Engineering Institute published a number of excellent research papers in the area of electric fencing. One these papers, entitled Pulse Behaviour, investigated the behaviour of electric fence pulses on an electric fence. A number of pulse shapes were studied, but most importantly, out of the research study came a specification of an ideal electric fence pulse shape. This pulse shape is now known as "Cyclic Wave™". Nearly two decades passed before the University of Auckland succeeded in creating and patenting an energizer design that could deliver a true Cyclic Wave output. Speedrite commercialised and perfected this leading edge technology and has incorporated it into the Cyclic Wave range of products.
Provides a cleaner, more powerful pulse, maximising the energy that travels down the fence for optimal stock control. When comparing standard energizers to Cyclic Wave energizers of the same size, the pulse of the Cyclic Wave energizer (output joules) travels further and stronger. Efficiency of joules to wire length is improved significantly.
Feedback from numerous experienced users of electric fencing has indicated that the physiological animal training response to a Speedrite Cyclic Wave pulse is more effective when compared with the response to a traditional "fast leading edge" pulse energizer of the same power.