S150 Portable Solar Energizer

The Speedrite S150 Integrated Solar Energizer is easily portable, simple and intuitive, plus it’s more powerful than comparable energizers. 

Suitable for farmers of all types, the S150 can be used on larger farms, as well as lifestyle properties. 
Powers up to 2 km / 3 acres / 1.2 miles / 1.2 hectares of fence
0.15 J maximum output energy (0.21 J stored energy)
Simple and intuitive
  • Solar panel and battery integrated in one convenient robust case
  • Housing for convenient stowing of fence leads when not in use
  • Single flashing LED indicates fence pulse
  • Fit and replace the battery with ease
Truly portable
  • Light-weight and easy to carry portable housing
  • Allows mounting to existing steel post or wood post
Delivers power where it counts
  • More powerful than comparable energizers
  • Reliable year round performance in the world’s harshest weather conditions
  • Includes leads for connecting to existing fence 
  • Terminals contain metal insert to ensure robust fence connection
Safe and long lasting
  1. Complies with IEC safety standards
  2. 3 year warranty
  3. Rechargeable internal battery included

Warranty information

3 Year Warranty

Key features

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Technical Specifications

Distance powers: km2 km
Distance powers: miles1.2 miles
Distance powers: Acres3 acres
Maximum stored energy0.21 J
Maximum output energy0.15 J
Output Voltage @ 100 Ωup to 4,100 V
Output Voltage @ 500 Ωup to 2,600 V
Minimum number of earth rods required
We recommend you confirm requirements with your local reseller
Powers up to 2 km (1.2 miles / 3 acres)
0.15 J max. output energy (0.21 J stored energy)


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