Helpful Information

Animal voltage requirements

  Fence Voltage* (Recommended Minimum)   Learn more

Battery care tips

Refer to the battery manufacturer's instruction regarding safety and care of the battery. Some guidelines are: Learn more

Choosing your energizer

Speedrite offers a full range of energizers to suit the way you manage your farm. 110V power Learn more

Components of a solar system

Speedrite solar panels and energizers feature high-tech materials and are engineered to rigorous quality standards.  Four main components make up a Speedrite solar system. Each component...Learn more

Electric Fence Checklist

Once you have sketched your fence you are ready to create a list of all the components and tools you require to construct your fence. To help you with this we have included a basic electric fence...Learn more

Ground systems

Your ground system is the most important component of your electric fence system.  An effective ground system is necessary to achieve the maximum results of your energizer and your fence....Learn more

How does a solar system work?

Innovations in technology mean solar installations are now a practical and cost effective method of powering areas where mains power is either unavailable or impractical. A solar panel is made up of...Learn more

How to use a Fault Finder

Start near the energizer's lead-out wires with your Speedrite Remote with Fault Finder or your Speedrite Fault Finder.  Move down the fence line following the arrow away from the energizer...Learn more

Installation tips

Wire tension Electric fencing provides a psychological barrier rather than a physical one, so there is no need to excessively tension wire. Heavy strainer assemblies are not required either,...Learn more

Installing your energizer

Before installing the energizer make sure you have read all of the instructions provided with your energizer. Learn more

Installing your solar system

  Now that you have chosen the components for your Speedrite solar system, it is important to set up your system correctly to ensure trouble-free operation. Once again, use the step-by-...Learn more

Key Terminology

AC Alternating current, AC power supply 110 - 120 V or 220 - 240 V. Amp Unit of current. Short for Ampere. Learn more

Maintaining your solar system

While minimal maintenance will be required, regular checks of your solar system will ensure reliable performance (every 6 to 8 weeks). Here are some pointers to maximise the life and performance of...Learn more

Plan your electric fence layout

Sketch a diagram and measure the distance of the area you would like to fence. Grab a pencil and walk around the area you want to fence, measuring and sketching your layout. Also include in your...Learn more

Poli Products Performance Chart

EN-US Speedrite poli-products are made of only the highest quality UV stabilised polyethylene. High performance 'X' series products feature tin-coated copper wire for significantly greater...Learn more

Poli Products Performance Chart

Speedrite poli-products are made of only the highest quality UV stabilised polyethylene. High performance 'X' series products feature tin-coated copper wire for significantly greater...Learn more

Post and wire spacings

Here are some suggested post and wire spacings. Most of the fences below can have an 'All Live' or 'Hot / Ground Return' system of grounding. Learn more

Solar fencing guide

How does it work A solar panel charges a battery by converting sunlight into electricity which is then used to keep the energizer operating 24 hours per day. Speedrite offers a range of energizers...Learn more

Unigizer™ mounting examples

Sample diagrams showing Unigizer and earth system. The number of earth rods will vary, depending on the Unigizer and soil conditions. Outdoors with 12V battery   Indoor dry locations with...Learn more

Which Type of Electric Fence do you Need?

The best electric fence is the one that is suited to your requirements. The table below outlines the 3 main types of electric fence structures as a starting point to help you identify which fence...Learn more

Why electric fencing?

An electric fence energizer (sometimes called a charger or controller) takes electric energy from a power source and delivers it to a fence as pulses. These pulses are the “shock” felt by...Learn more

ZAMMR - Discover the convenience of a multi-purpose handle

Use as a live hook – in temporary fencing Use as an insulated hook – in temporary fencing Use as a gate break   Learn more