Steel Post Insulators

Speedrite steel post insulators are made using top quality, UV stabilized polymers and porcelain for performance and durability.

Speedrite insulators are reliable, strong and UV stabilised for long life.

All Speedrite steel post insulators come with a 10 year warranty.

To find out what other components you may need to create a top performing electric fence, check out the Permanent electric fence system diagram or Temporary electric fence system diagram.  

For other useful information and advice on creating your electric fence system, visit the Resources section.

Dual-Purpose Pinlock Insulator

Designed with rugged self locking, tapered pins for quick removal of wires. Enables you to easily drop a fence when gateways don't provide...

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Jumbo Dual Purpose Pinlock Insulator

Conveniently attaches to T, wood and metal pipe posts. Holds rope up to 5/16 in (8 mm) in diameter, braid or coated wire.

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T-Post Wide Tape Insulator

Designed to easily clips onto T-post for a secure fit.

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Post Cap Topper

Easily attaches to T and Y-posts, with side and top fixing options.

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Rod Post Insulator

Versatile design holds high tensile wire, poliwire, rope and tape.

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