The Speedrite ZAMMR Handle – Another Great Kiwi Invention

Many inventors’ ingenuity was born of frustration.

So it was for Bay of Plenty sharemilker, inventor and successful “Dragon’s Den” entrepreneur, Grant Pearce.

Grant believed there had to be a more durable handle that could also make it easier to set up electric fences and gate breaks.

His ZAMMR Handle is designed to change the way farmers set up electric fences and gate breaks, and to address frustrating breakages.

The ultra-durable twin hook design means the handle can be used in three ways:

  • As a live hook for temporary fencing. The handle eliminates voltage while setting up, and allows powering-up with a single movement.
  • As an insulated hook in temporary fencing. This removes the need to change handles when the power supply from a permanent live wire is unavailable, and you need to connect to a portable energizer.
  • As a gate break.

More than 3,000 ZAMMR Handles were sold at the 2012 National Fieldays alone in their first public appearance. The handle is now being distributed and marketed by Tru-Test Group, owner of the Speedrite electric fencing brand.

“I wanted to create something that worked,” Grant says. “I was sick of handles that wouldn’t last but, like most farmers, I just had to accept I needed to go down to PGG Wrightson and replace them.”

He developed a prototype and tested it on his and neighbour’s farms for a year.

“When I show it to farmers they don’t want to put it down. It feels right, even before they start seeing the benefits in the field.”

Tru-Test Group - Area Sales Manager Scott Wards says the ZAMMR Handle is a great piece of design, a practical and convenient tool and a natural extension of Tru-Test Group’s electric fencing products.

“You need to only hold the ZAMMR Handle for a few seconds and you’re sold on it. We certainly were.”

The ZAMMR Handle is available now at your local rural stores, sold individually and included with the Speedrite Geared Reels.

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